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Founded: 2012
Partnered with Slingshot since: 2020

Business description:

Versa Company is creating a service that removes all worries on checked-in luggage for airline passengers. At the heart of its service is a built-for-purpose tracker, with patented auto-flight mode that is compliant with all airline regulations. The exact location of a piece of luggage is presented in a passengers’ app and visible in all relevant airline and baggage handling systems. This helps to prevent luggage items from getting lost and enables a swift return in case something goes missing.

How Jimmy (Versa CEO) sees Slingshot’s added value:

Tom and Marco are highly motivated hands-on investors. They know how to run a business. This makes them great sparring partners on difficult issues. They have a large and diverse network of relevant contacts. For example they made highly relevant introductions to advisors, investors and helped me find a CTO. Last but not least they are fun to work with.