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Founded: 2016
Partnered with Slingshot since: 2018

Business description:

Swishfund is an online business lender providing short-term business loans (3, 6, 12 months) to small and medium sized enterprises, within 24 hours. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Swishfund’s goal is to provide fellow entrepreneurs with the financial means to grow their business, fast and simple. Swishfund’s innovative approach to both credit assessment and loan redemption allow it to provide financing to companies that generally have a hard time lending from traditional banks.

How Bart-Jan (founder Swishfund) sees Slingshot:

It is Swishfund’s business to help entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions. Slingshot does the same for us. They actively support us during the execution of our international growth strategy and especially beneficial is Slingshot’s incredibly strong network. The team never hesitates to make connections for us that help us to develop the business relationships required to bring our business to the next level. This really ignites the growth of our business.