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Founded: 2015
Partnered with Slingshot since: 2019

Business description:

STOX Energy Socks is the leading company in superior quality compression socks at the best price in the Benelux market. Their product is for those who want to take care of themselves. The graduated compression socks are highly fashionable and STOX Energy Socks divides their users in Travel (frequent flyers), Sports (e.g. running), Work (e.g. retail staff) and Medical (e.g. recovery after vain surgery). The company’s aim is to become a global leader in compression socks by applying the latest technology in their product.

How Caspar Disselhoff (Co-Founder & Director of Finance and E-Commerce) sees Slingshot:

STOX Energy Socks is ready for the next step in its existence. Slingshot helped us making the first and most important next step for our company, which is the development of our team. Through Slingshot we met just the right people that are complementary to the existing team. The tentacles of the Slingshot network are tremendous and very relevant for our international growth ambition. We also love the active approach, continuous interest and expertise of the Slingshot crew, helping us get the best out of ourselves and our business.